Focused on comply with the sustainability policies inside Brasil (PNRS 12.305/10) and abroad, we implemented:  

A. A innovative technology;
B. Solid Waste redirections from Landfills dumps to be Used in Industry;
C. jobs and revenue over worthless commercial waste;
D. Advanced technology usage in a this “secondary economy”;
E. Generation of new fronts due a Brazilian patented technology ;
F. Recycling for social inclusion and employment generation;
G. Social Responsibility and Sustainability;
H. Proper treatment and disposal of solid waste;
I. Proper certification and Support for Cadri (brazilian certificate for waste disposal);
J. 100% Reverse Logistics cycle;
K. Competitive Prices between industrial and virgin market;


. Trapo de fino trato: H3 Polímeros estréia na recuperação de resinas de sucata têxtil
(click here for PDF version)

. Projeto de SP visa reutilizar retalhos de tecido para evitar desperdício
(Jornal Nacional - 09/jul/2012 edition)

. Logística Reversa ou Logística Verde

. Como colaboramos para destruir o planeta